Apsara experiences – Part 1

Apsaras the mystical beings of India:

Apsara experiences – Part 1

Some years ago I decided to go to one of the sellers to buy an Apsara attached to a ring. I was too lazy and thought of myself as to inexperiences in asking one out myself. The seller didn’t tell me when the summoning and the matching would occur, but half a world away I could still feel it and in even shallow meditation I could see strange visions. Interesting dreams happened during that time as well. It were a couple of tough days so to speak. The seller was happy when I told about my experiences. Then the ring arrived, I let it sit for a couple of days to see what would happen. In a relaxed state I could hear a woman calling my name, at first I was slightly freaked out, but also overjoyed at the same time. It was an interesting experience. The experience with that being evolved, also erotically. She would come and pleasure me when I would call her in waking time, however she would also come when not called, which was a first puzzle piece that something might be at odds. Back then I thought how unfortunate it was that I didn’t have any “erotic dream” experiences with that being. Then one day I came home and had quite a harsh experience, I suddenly felt a heavy load on my lungs and couldn’t breath, it was so awful that I even visited some hospitals during that time. All checkups were negative, nothing biological. Fortunately it stopped always half a day later, but I would call it one of the hellish experiences. That was another puzzle piece falling into place, I still wouldn’t want to admit it, but my inner sceptic became louder saying things like “are you sure it’s an Apsara” and “that’s not what I wanted. During that time I contacted the seller, he tried his best to help but somehow the bad experiences were just the beginning. Somehow the seller didn’t want to admit that something might not have been right with the entity, trying to put the blame pretty much on my side, saying things like “oh she didn’t mean it and “she tried to change the technique but couldn’t” (or should I say “It”… ^^) and something along the lines like “You are not evolved enough”. Interestingly the seller wrote on his webpage that for each sold entity the buyer would get the name of the bought entity, I never got one. In retrospect that should have given me some red flags already in the beginning. Later when I asked some other “psychics” about the “ring entity” it seemed to come into my room projecting such a bad feeling that I immediately got a headache and had to lie down. It felt like my head was engulfed in lead. That was a further puzzle piece jumping into place. I decided to ask another psychic online who told me that the ring entity was not good energy and couldn’t be cleared. I decided to become lucid one night and further changed into astral mode to visit that being. Flying through a tunnel, I came into a world that consisted of dried up red desserts with huge canyons. I followed up and at the bottom of one of these canyons I saw a blond woman from behind. When she turned…she had no face. I quit the experience and went back to normal dream time, then woke up. But I still didn’t want to believe my intuition. Later I had several dreams with a big force pressing me down, trying to “stimulate” me, it was always painful. One time in an astral dream the entity turned the radio on full volume to overlay my screams of agony. But still I didn’t come to grips with it, I thought maybe it was another being hurting me and not the ring entity. I tried all sorts of banning, prayers & protective works I could think of, nothing worked, whatever that entity was, it went through all of that pretty much unaffected, with only a couple of days of peace, then the nightmares starting anew. Then the final puzzle piece fell when one early morning I was jumped upon by an entity, giving me extremely strong vibrations in the “special parts”, so strong was it from the beginning that I had the feeling it was not meant for pleasure but for further pain, there was no sympathy, no positive energy associated whatsoever in these painful experiences. But that one was maybe atop of hell mountain, when I woke up I looked into my pants and there as a little bit of blood there. Again I visited a clinic, negative for biological issues. Visited a clinical Psychotherapist, negative for anything psychopathological.  So I took the decision to quit it, I informed the seller and sent the entity with the ring back to him. He said that he will clear the entity and later I asked him and he confirmed that it was sent back to it’s world. The psychic who told me it was bad energy, told me I did the right thing. Another one told me that he would always be weary about these “ring entites” and never accept one into his home. However in the months to come I still had several bad dream experiences. It took me 3 month to recuperate fully. Still that calling is there. In the end I had the thought that maybe that ring entity was no Apsara at all, it probably was something else. However I still felt drawn towards them but also towards other fine density entities. The journey goes on, hopefully in a more positive and healing way.


Succubus? Apsara? Fire Fae?ect…


I’m still on my little spiritual journey so to speak. I still get heat & electrical sensations regularly. I’m asking myself is that a calling or is it something else? It could be a calling, as I frequently tend to revisit the sites that are selling certain entities. However I don’t know if they’re for real. I mean I could go buy a ring with an attached entity for 950$ and it could be fake, kind of nothing there, niente nada empty. Then if you reach out through email, they have different paradigms, of course, but I ask myself what is the real deal behind all of that “upper layer” so to speak? Some say Lilith is the highest entity, others say Hectate is even higher, then there are others who think Lucifer is the master of all, the dogmatists from the Christian belief, sorry apart from saying you will go to hell and all pleasure is sinful – I’m not going to discuss with them as it’s just a waste of time and energy. The right hand path reacts mostly similar in their attitudes to the Christian paradigm. On the other hand the feministic influenced people can’t accept the male being on the top of the food chain and in extremes even deny the male even an equal standing. Then historically speaking different gods/goddesses/entities that have mostly the same attributes but come under different names due to being influenced by different cultures. Those interested in that topic have a look here for a starter: http://riordan.wikia.com/wiki/Egyptian_and_Greek_God_Comparisons



My take on all of that is, has anyone ever considered that all of these beings get more unison the higher up you go in the dimensionality. Who or what is then the highest “entity”? But maybe my idea is just as limited as a baseball player trying to play basketball during the finals. Caught in the human horizon so to speak. Then there are sellers that kind of disappear from one day to the other, interestingly their style and make of products re-emerges on another site/seller with almost the exact wording. Then another guy, the Arab mystic, says that all Djinn are dangerous, the western people don’t understand that and make up their own new age idealized fantasies without listening to the tradition. Of course, the Djinn he sells are safe – inshallah!  Okay no worries, I get the financial aspect here, LOL. Now, if anyone is interested in these sites and entities being sold have a look here: http://spirit-conjurer-rankings.weebly.com/

Has anyone of you ever “bought” entities? Was it worthwhile? Fair experiences?

Strange siting

It’s been some time, got a job so I’m pretty busy most of the time. I had a strange siting near a secure facility, wich is near a mountain range. One night I was out smoking and suddenly saw an object flashing in different lights like green, amber, red, blue. It was moving quite erratically, like a bumblebee. I’ve never seen something like that before, maybe in some cheap UFO vids on YT. It kind of jumped from one location on the mountain range to another and between these erratic jumps it settled always for some minutes to seconds in a random area. Then I tried to capture it with my phone, but I guess it didn’t like that, it blinked out of our spectrum like it was never there before…poof…still baffled.

Entering the Mandala – A Chitananda Tantra Meditation Retreat

Meditation and visualization exercises are probably amongst some of the most useful and powerful techniques in use. I’ve found these meditation and visualization practices quite interesting, especially in terms of the “feeling in” aspect of them. If you’re agnostic or show a chronic allergy towards religions, simply overread the “uneasy” terms. Have fun with it 😉

Here’s the link:


The Truth About Chakras

According to the Yogic literature and in this case Donald Tyson, author of Sexual Alchemy, all of that caressing of the regions around Mooladhara (genital areas) could be seen as “symptoms of awakening”.

The word chakra means wheel. In the esoteric systems of Hindus and Buddhists, the chakras are power centers within the human body that can be activated by specific exercises. Usually there are said to be seven chakras, but in traditional Hindu philosophy there are really only six — what is regarded as the seventh chakra in Western occultism is outside the body, and is different in nature from the lower six.
The lowest chakra is called the muladhara. It is located in the perineum, between the anus and the root of the penis in men, and between the anus and the opening of the vagina in women. Sometimes is it said to lie at the base of the spine, but this is an error. It lies in the fleshy tissues some two inches from the end of the tailbone.
The second chakra is called the swadhisthana, and is located just above the root of the genitals in men in the region of the bladder.
The third chakra is called the manipuraka, or alternatively the manipura, and is located just above the navel.
The fourth chakra is called the anahata, and is located in the muscles of the heart.
The fifth chakra is called the vishuddha, and is located in the pit of the throat.
The sixth chakra is called the ajna, and is located just above the nose between the eyebrows.
The seventh chakra, really not a chakra at all, is called the sahasrara, and is located just above the middle of the top of the skull. Its name means thousand-petaled lotus. The sahasrara is often represented as a flower with countless petals that lies spread out over the top of the skull.

It is important to understand that the chakras are not parts of the human body. They are esoteric centers of power that come into existence when they are pierced by the ascending of kundalini shakti, which is both an energy and a goddess. Once activated, the chakras are like beads on a vertical string, or flowers on a central stem, called the shushumna, which is described in Eastern occult texts as a hollow tube. Inside this tube is a narrower tube called the vajrini nadi (nadi means channel), and inside this a still finer tube called the chitrini nadi. Once the power of kundalini ceases to flow up the shushumna, the chakras cease to exist.
The sahasrara is accessed through a tiny pinhole in the top of the skull that is deliberately opened by yogis during intense meditation — no instrument is used to make this opening. The opening of this pinhole is marked by the presiding guru by the insertion of a single blade of grass into the hole, which aches and bleeds slightly at the time of its opening. This physical penetration of the skin over the skull is not necessary for the passage of kundalini to the sahasrara, but it is used to confirm to the guru that the chela (student) has unblocked this aperture. After this practice, the skin is permitted to heal.
From personal experience I can attest that the top of the skull tingles and pricks strongly in a very small radius — no more than the diameter of a pencil — when kundalini is awakened and made to ascend through the body. The sensation is that of being gently pricked with a needle on the top of the head. It is rarely very painful. This happens even when bleeding does not ensue.
The union of kundalini with the thousand-petaled lotus confers bliss that is both physical and spiritual. The sensation is sustained, constant, powerful without being harsh, and may be likened to an orgasm that is not localized in the genitals, and is extremely subtle and refined.

Kundalini is sometimes describes as a serpent that lies sleeping below the muladhara chakra, her body coiled in three and one-half turns around the base of the spine.

Kundalini is awakened by postures that stimulate the muladhara, primarily a sitting posture in which one of the heels is pressed against the perineum. In conjunction with this posture, breathing exercises in which the breath is held and compressed into the lower abdomen are used while the anus is rhythmically contracted. This causes a sheen of sweat over the entire surface of the body. Also used to awaken kundalini is a technique known as pore breathing, during which the vital energy of the air is visualized to enter the body through the pores of the skin, and internal chanting of a mantra (word or phrase that embodies occult power). The visualization of power symbols such as yantras is also often used.
Most important of all in awakening kundalini is a technique that is almost never openly described. It involves the contemplation with love and desire of one of the primary forms of Shakti, the Mother Goddess who represents for the Hindus all manifest things and all energies. The word shakti literally means power. It is through the grace and love of Shakti that kundalini is awakened and made to ascend.
Before this grace and love can be attained the practitioner must establish a close personal relationship with Shakti. This is done through repeated visualization of that particular form of the Goddess that has been decided upon, through prayers to the Goddess, through offerings and sacrifices to the Goddess, through contemplation of the qualities and virtues of the Goddess, through active inner communication with the Goddess, through visualization of interaction and union with the Goddess, and by filling the place of ritual communion with the Goddess with scents, symbols, forms, colors, objects, sounds, music, tastes, and textures that are in harmony with the nature of the aspect of Shakti that is being contemplated.

The awakening of kundalini is indicated by spontaneous excitation and tumescence of the genitals. In men this means strong, spontaneous erection of the penis without any erotic thoughts or imagery in the mind, and without any physical stimulation of the penis. This is accompanied by the sensation of being touched or caressed on the surface of the skin.
The muladhara chakra forms a hardness at the perineum. During the period of contemplation and communion with the chosen aspect of Shakti, the penis will rise and fall rhythmically, remaining erect for periods of ten minutes or so, then becoming flaccid for several minutes, then rising again. This goes on for hours at a time — for as long as the communion with the Goddess is maintained. In women, the external genitals become inflamed and moist, and the clitoris erect. There is a copious flow of sexual fluids in both men and women.
If, during this period, the mind is directed away from the Goddess and toward the inflamed genitals, or if the physical state of tumescence causes erotic thoughts to enter the mind, tumescence ceases almost immediately. For example, the penis can be strongly erect even to the point of discomfort, yet if the mind is allowed to wander from the Goddess, erection can completely vanish within the space of five or ten seconds.
In recent times there has been an attempt to identify the chakra with nerve centers in the human body. For this reason the chakras are often said to be arrayed along the spinal column. This is incorrect, as anyone who has actually felt the chakras will testify. They are felt near the front of the body, not on the surface of the body but closer to the front than to the back.

Each chakra has its own unique sensation. It is possible that these sensations vary in their fine details from person to person, but their general quality is probably a shared experience.
As I said above, the muladhara exists as a hard knot in the perineum. It can be uncomfortable at times, when the muladhara is intensely active. The sensation is similar to having a stone the size of a ping-pong ball lying under the skin just in front of the anus.
The swadhisthana and manipura are, in my experience, somewhat similar — they feel like a sucking or sinking pit in the flesh, almost as though an invisible hand is being pressed down inside the flesh at their locations. This is not painful. At least, I have not found it painful, but I should mention that some practitioners experience discomfort.
The anahata chakra is experienced as a contraction and irregularity of the heart. It is often accompanied by a remarkably pleasant sensation of sinking of floating. There is a distinct sense that the physical heart is being touched or caressed by some sort of spiritual hand. When this first happens, it can be somewhat alarming, since we are not usually accustomed to sensation and irregularity in the muscles of our heart. It causes no ill-effects whatsoever.
The vishuddha chakra shows itself as a tightness, and for me, a dryness and tickling sensation, in the pit of the throat.
The ajna chakra has a very curious feeling of invisible pressure between the eyes, as though pressure were being applied by an invisible finger between the eyebrows just under the skin. This might also be described as a sucking or drawing sensation, as though the pressure is being exerted from within outward.
The access to the sahasrara is signalled by a tickling and pricking in the exact center of the top of the skull. This area of sensation is so small, it may easily be covered by the tip of the index finger. In my own experience, I have often felt a coolness in the right hemisphere of my brain, a feeling as though cool water were being poured over the actual tissues of the brain itself. The opening of the sahasrara is indicated in a sensory way by a delicious, sustained and very even flow of bliss or ecstasy that, for me, usually lasts only for several minutes.

There are other minor physiological effects that accompany the arousal of kundalini and the opening or piercing of the chakras. These include feelings of coolness or heat over large areas of the body, localized pricking sensations that often occur in the fingers and toes, ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears that seem to be caused by temporary changes of blood pressure, intense flashes of white light similar to the popping of a camera flash — these are seen with eyes open or shut — as well as spontaneous trembling, twitching and jerking of various muscles of the body such as the thighs, abdominal muscles, or facial muscles, sensations of floating or sinking, feelings of touching or weight upon different parts of the body, excitation of the nerves similar to that caused by too much caffeine, lethargy or lassitude, and physical pleasure that is widely distributed through the body. This last is not as intense as the bliss of the sahasrara.
It is a false belief that kundalini is very difficult to awaken. It only requires sincere and regular practice of the correct exercises, both physical and mental. These must be done daily for several hours. It also requires the formation of a genuine personal relationship with the Goddess. Once initially awakened, kundalini may easily be aroused thereafter in a matter of minutes, or even moments.

Various siddhis or occult powers are traditionally associated with the chakras. These must be examined with a certain degree of skepticism, since it was often the practice of occult writers in ancient times to make wildly exaggerated specific claims about the powers conferred by the techniques they wrote about, in order to lend their writings greater weight and importance in the minds of their readers.

In my own experience, I have noted an increase in the precision of my intuition regarding other persons, the circumstances surrounding my life, and future events. My mind is clearer and more penetrating, particularly when I examine or write about esoteric subjects. There are other more subtle benefits, such as the ability to direct spiritual beings to accomplish general and specific material effects useful to my life and my studies, but I must refrain from writing of these things in detail.
I should mention that what you have read here will not be found elsewhere in this detailed and specific form. Those who usually write about the chakras have no firsthand knowledge of them, and those with an intimate firsthand knowledge usually consider them too dangerous and powerful, and also too sacred, to write about openly. Gurus especially conceal the techniques for establishing an intimate and personal relationship with the Goddess, which seems in my experience essential in awakening kundalini. What I have written is based on my own experiments — other practitioners of kundalini yoga may have experienced the chakras somewhat differently.
It is repeated endlessly in traditional Eastern texts that the oversight of a guru is essential to the awakening of kundalini and the piercing of the chakras. Evidently this is untrue, since I have never had a teacher, other than the ancient sages who wrote the Tantric texts that I have studied. I should qualify this remark by saying that I have never had a living, corporeal teacher. I have been guided in my practices by spiritual intelligences. Perhaps in this sense I have a guru, or gurus, but my teachers lack physical bodies.

Source: http://www.globalone.tv/profiles/blogs/the-truth-about-chakras

A case of an extra-terrestrial girlfriend

What I read over and over again is that people might have had past lives in other places. One such case is the story of James and a Pleiadian woman named Plemaria. As James was getting himself drawn deeper into the mysteries of the mind, universe and the source, he started getting contacted by beings from other planes. Whilst sitting in his bathtub one night, he wanted to know the truth, even if that meant his life. In that instant a beam of light flashed him with such intensity that he found himself blinded and suddenly standing on a ship. A woman who looked like all races mixed, beautiful and wise introduced herself as a master teacher of the Orion council of light. He asked her what that bathing cap on her head was all about. The cap had three golden crescents above it and seemed to sparkle. She answered that it’s a tool to initiate people and return memories. James was certainly astonished by the whole experience. She told him that he had to return, as he couldn’t stay any longer as necessary, otherwise he would blink out as his frequency would rise to such a level, that it would not be possible to return to earth. With a flash he found himself back in the bathtub and three golden balls of light hit him right in the chest. He asked for prove that all of this really happened and her voice told him that he got all prove he needed. He looked down at his chest and where the golden balls went in a big red mark stayed for days to come. A voice told him that now all his past live memories have been returned. With that it seemed that he had past lives in the system of the 7 sisters or otherwise known as the Pleiades. As Blaji a Pleiadian contact had told him before, he has connections to their people. A thought occurred to him that it might be nice to go out with her, but she just told him flat out “forget it”. As in most past lives there were people which were part of a relationship. In this case there was a Pleiadian woman named Plemaria. Not too soon after, she contacted him and he felt immensely drawn to her. He wanted to know about her name and she told him that her name comes from the Plumeria plant, which her father has devised back in the days, when the Pleiades still lived in colonies on earth. He wanted to be together with her, but apparently that would be against the rules of the Pleiadians. One day James was in a club and he felt all alone, then suddenly Plemaria showed up and gave him a big hug and kiss and told him telepathically that he doesn’t need to feel down. With that she walked back between the dancing people and vanished with a startled James standing in the raving club. Sometime later Blaji told him that Plemaria had broken a law and she had been summoned before the great council. James managed to be allowed to talk to the council and he said something in the direction that love knows no boundaries and should not be restricted. The council agreed with that statement as it was coming from his heart and was in line with the law of one. With that things seemed settled. Plemaria then made it clear to him, that there would be a great reunion coming up in the future, not only for them but for humanity as a whole as well. You are never alone and never will be.

Erik’s site

Okay, as I wanted to read about Erik’s experiences again, I came upon his site: http://www.summoningsuccubus.com/

I had some trouble getting to his stories but then for anyone interested there’s the path: http://www.summoningsuccubus.com/category/succubus/page/2/

A lot has been down strangely enough (server error 500 or not accessible etc), so here is something interesting to read (source: http://www.summoningsuccubus.com/succubi-and-incubi-experience-the-incubus-molech/#comments)

“Succubi and Incubi Experience – The Incubus Molech

Experinces with Succubi
I remember a time when the concept of spiritual beings such as succubi and incubi were only a fairy tale legend in mind.
Being raised in a very atheistic household, I never really considered it to be something to take seriously.

That was a long time ago…

Since then I have become a professional summoner of succubi and incubi and other spirits of the non physical realm.
It wasn’t always a good experience, actually I remember feeling very lonely and scarred when I made my first random contact.
It’s amazing how sometimes life takes you in an unexpected direction that changes everything.

But this post is not to tell you about the beginning… there are about 5 other ones here you can read about it.
I want to tell you about an experience I had almost 8 years ago with multiple succubi and incubi.
I was sitting one night speaking with Nilahny my succubus which I had already become very familiar with over time.
I remember asking her if there were others and if I could meet some of them.

She didn’t answer my question that night and vanished shortly after…

Multiple succubi and incubi experience and Molech:

The next night when Nilahny appeared again, she was not alone
In fact, I have never seen so many different kinds of beings in my life and it was the first time I grasped how diverse the world of sucubbi and incubi really is.

There were about 25 of them and each had a different look, state of solidity and character.
It wasn’t so different from regular humans – no two alike.
Some had black raven hair, others white as beach sand
Some had purple eyes with no apparent eyelid, other of blazing gold
Short, tall, male, female in all shape and forms

I also remember noticing a sort of hierarchy while we communicated that night in my apartment.
They seemed much more organized than humans are when in such a big group

One incubus that struck me as being a sort of leader began speaking with me
His voice sounded like hundreds of people speaking together in perfect unison
I asked him if he was the “King” Incubi to which he replied “I am the total of us”
I had no idea what that meant, but something about him was just amazingly powerful and impressive.
He was tall, taller than any human I had ever encountered
Hair short and raven black, skin dark and eyes blue like the deep oceans

His name was “Molech”

When I focused on him, a feeling of warmth and love spread all through my body, an occurance many experience when contacting succubi and incubi spirits.

That was the night I discovered what my calling really was.
We spoke for hours on many subjects and he answered every one of my questions with in a calm and loving manner.

Questions to Molech:

Erik: what is the Meaning of life?
Molech: expansion of the whole always towards joy
Erik: What happens after death?
Molech: there is no death only cycles of expansion
Erik: What is my calling in life?
Molech: expansion as all others, love as all others, joy as all others, creation as all others
Erik: Then I’m not special?
Molech: Every particle is unique
Erik: Why did nilahny come to me
Molech: When one unconsciously asks and there is no wall, then we see your fire. We are attracted to those ready.
Erik:: And those that are not ready?
Molech: Not all are meant for the same specific encounters, diversity will expand, diversity is all.
Erik: Are you alive or dead?
Molech: What do you mean by alive, physical form?
Erik: yes, like me
Answer: Some of us have counterparts, but we share the same over soul as you. There is no dead, all is alive. The chair you sit on, it is moving, we can see its expansion.
Erik: The chair?!
Molech: Everything

I will not write everything we spoke about, it would be too long.
It was an experience that words can not capture wholey.

Since that experience I have conversed and experienced both mentally and physically each and every one of those wonderful incubi and succubi.
There is much more to these spiritual beings tha the sexual factor most are looking for.
They are friends and wise and always looking to share and experience love and passion with those who look for it.

I urge anyone who feels a call into these areas to learn how to summon and enjoy the realm of the succubi and incubi and feel what true unconditional love is.

Now it’s your turn, I want to hear from you guys what you think about what Molech told me.
Comment away people!

Much love, Erik”

So coming back, Erik’s succubus in a old conversation said something like there is no god. But then other experiencers have written that their succubi told different things to the contrary. All taken together might imply that, like on our world, there are many different cultures with different believes out there. Best stick with what is confortable for you and keep and open mind & heart and respect free will.

Feline beings

Feline beings were reported in most cultures, in ancient India they called them “Nashringa”, others called them Lion beings, in ancient Egypt there were over 10 different feline gods and godesses. The most famous being was probably Bastet. They were seen as the protectors of the gods and guides to humanity.

Of course human cultures tend to create “cults” around these beings and in antiquity the pristesses of the different orders, like Bastet, Hathor, Isis, Nut were well known for their different high quality services. If somebody thinks what about sex, then yes – as well, because sex was not connected to shame and guilt as in our modern Judeo-Christian influenced western culture.

Bastet pristesses

More recently James Gilliland of ECETI reported about an emotional meeting, with on of the female felines. Onboard he felt a great love emitting from the being and as soon as his senses were adjusting, the being jumped around and gave him that big hug.

Feline on youtube

If these beings really do exist, I wonder how they feel about humanities technological development outrunning the moral and spiritual development. That inbalance has known huge negative consequences on life including nature. I wonder why they contact some of us, what are their stories and intentions?

Beings not of this plane

Apparently not only “energy beings” are interested in us, but also beings that could be described as extra-terrestrial in nature. Let’s get a piece of the Australian story here (source 1, source 2):

Although no normal communication occurred, the Nordic woman seemed to be in charge and Khoury got the impression she was giving the Asian looking woman some sort of instruction.What followed was quite disorientating for Khoury. The Nordic woman, who seemed to be over 6 feet tall and apparently very strong, reached forward and pulled Khoury’s head to her breast. He resisted, trying to pull away.
She did this 3 times. Finally Khoury, trying to cope with the shock and disorientating nature of this experience, bit on her nipple apparently swallowing a piece from it. The Nordic woman, although seemingly confused, did not react with any pain and nor was there any sign of blood. She seemed to convey to the other woman that this was not the way things were supposed to happen. Khoury was overcome with a coughing fit. Moments later, looking up again, he found that both women had vanished.The coughing caused Khoury to go to the bathroom to get a drink of water. When he went to urinate he found it very painful to do so, due to, it turned out, some very fine blonde hair wrapped tightly under his foreskin. Khoury removed the hair and had the foresight to place it in a plastic sachet bag with a seal. He did that because he felt there was no way it should have been there.
It was unlike his wife’s hair. Khoury concluded that something extraordinarily bizarre had just occurred and linked the 2 pieces of blonde thin hair (about 10-12 cm & 6-8 cm long) to the strange tall, blonde haired Nordic looking woman. Even though Vivian had been very supportive of him about his 1988 abduction experience, Peter refrained from telling her what occurred for about 2 weeks. She accepted it far better than Peter did, telling him it was something he has no control over and they would deal with it as best as they could.
Like many other abductees Peter Khoury has had a number of experiences. During November, 1996, while lying in bed with Vivian beside him asleep, he felt an energy presence intruding into the room. He opened his eyes. He saw what seemed to be several hooded small figures (similar to his 1988 experience) appearing to come through the mirror. As they came closer Peter experienced paralysis and felt he was being floated horizontally feet first towards the mirror.Touching the surface of the mirror with his feet felt like he was going into water, like a change of density, not something solid. Khoury felt a sense of electrical static buzzing right through his body. He watched as the reflection of his head approached his face. As soon as they touched, he blacked out. He did not remember anything else other than waking up in the bed again.
There were other episodes in about 1994 or early 1995 involving a light burst or sound of an explosion, this being witnessed in part by Vivian. On another occasion he felt a “pins and needles” paralysis developing. He tried to wake Vivian. He was eventually after great difficulty able to touch her. She woke up and simultaneously it was “like somebody ripped the sheets off him”. Peter likened it to as if something was sucked out of him. The feeling had been engulfing him and as soon as he touched Vivian the feeling was gone.

Extraterrestrials girls:

So what is the difference between succubae, spirits, extra-terrestrials? They all travel to us bypassing our standard reality. James Gilliland of ECETI said that a lot of them love us unconditionally, but not all of them do. Dr Steven Greer in his now famous, but unfortunately discontinued worldpuja shows, thinks that there is no real difference between “other dimensionals” and “ET’s”, just our inability to understand higher dimensions lets us misperceive that it’s overall the same phenomenon.

Erotic beings in Hindu and Tibetan traditions?

I really wonder if sexual coined spirit beings (if real) might have something in common with eastern notions of devi, the male form would be deva. The devis are described as protectors of the dharma (Buddhist teachings) but also in the hindu culture(s) as beings who are very wise and can give knowledge. They have been described as protégées of the arts like music, temple dancing but also war.

In Tibetan texts it has been described how certain advanced practitioners meet Devis/Dakinis/Apsaras during meditation, who are described as beings from different worlds with skin colour not seen on this world (blue, red etc), eyes and languages. Often a nice flowery smell was reported when these beings would be around. Sometimes a “loving presence” has been described, often moving experiencers to tears and even beyond. Of course it is known that things of sexual nature are not openly discussed in many cultures, in the case of for example the Tibetan Buddhist knowledge, the advanced knowledge, such as in deity yoga, is hidden in what has been coined the “twilight language ”.

In deity yoga it is the aim for the practitioner to move through different stages of “enlightened development”, till the great unification with the meditation deity. After the unification, the practitioner is described as being able to move to the “pure land” of the deity or to reach beyond all meaning and escape nirvana and parinnirvana.

Comparing that to more western concepts of the ancient world Isis, Hera, Nut and Hathor to name a few were described by ancient people to be interested in helping people advance but also being loving in nature. The other side some of these beings have been described as wrathful in some instances.

Here are some pictures of devis:

In more erotic displays:

Of course the mainstream notion in Archaeology & Anthropology etc. is that these statues and beings are of goddesses, whom ancient people prayed to of course do not exist. They commented that in our modern civilized nations there is no space for such believes, which cannot be verified by science and that we have “evolved” from animism to polytheism then to monotheism. The thing is, that people of all times, have had certain experiences such as the cases of “shamanic spirit wives”. Modern Psychology goes similarly in the direction of defining everything from fantasy to archetypes and “psychological disturbances”. However in recent decades academia lamented over its loosening grip on society, they are simply having less influence over people’s minds & believes and people simply care less about what “science” and figures of authority have to say. Prominent examples of these changing attitudes are the rejuvenation of the wikka and druid believe systems, often described in terms of neo – paganism, young people listening more to the wisdom of tribes and of course Hillary Clinton’s angry warning that “we are loosing the information war”. Well – only the future will tell how things will play out.